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Before updating: Please go to File>Instruction lists>Export... and export your customized layout of instructions (to avoid losing the set of instructions that you created).

If you installed version prior to August 2nd, please see the last post in blog.


- Update: In the re-release I've also included a handler, which will try to save the current document in a different file in the case of application crash.

- Help file reorganized. Most important notes have been put at the beginning.

- Every time the app's window gets focus, it examines if the edited file was changed externally. For instance, you corrected a tiny mistake before compiling the file in another program. The editor will now ask if you want to reload the file.

- Autocompletion for labels sometimes didn't work as expected. Specifically, it didn't register a label when the opcode didn't have any arguments.

- The ENDP, ENDS and ENDM lines were put incorrectly when writing a line containing PROC, STRUC and MACRO in the bottom of the text window.

- Improved and corrected detection of local variables for LOCAL keyword.


- Some general improvements and corrections

- Style settings for strings added


- Bug fix - The editor crashed in some cases when trying to color a line that contained an instruction followed by macro name and misplaced parentheses

- Adjustment - With certain fonts and their sizes, the shortcut menus were slightly too small


- Colorized code - Define custom colors, fonts or even font sizes within the code. (See screenshot in the Blog)
- Several improvements, optimisations, corrections, adjustments...


- Right click menu for standard operations
- Standard menu options added, including Replace
- Ctrl+Up/Down Arrows are now used for scrolling
- H/V Scrollbars
- Many smaller improvements and fixes


- "Go to line" option adjusted and improved
- Appearance glitches fixed
- Minor appearance improvements


- Bug fixed: Crash when 1st textbox contained only spaces
- Menu appearance re-designed
- Insert key is applied to all boxes
- Other improvements


Keyboard shortcuts for horizontal scrolling: Ctrl+. , Ctrl+, , Ctrl+Shift+. , Ctrl+Shift+, .

TAB support - click to check the Accepts Tabs option.

Other functions that I've added are quite easily noticeable, e.g. when you press Backspace or Shift+TAB in the beginning of the leftmost box, it will load the initial spaces so you can adjust the indent.

I haven't yet updated the screenshots in the Microsoft Store listing, it looks a bit nicer now.